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Made with 100% organic cereals: wheat, whole spelt, buckwheat, oats, corn semolina, quinoa flour, and rice flour.

Gluten-free porridge made from 100% organic cereals: wheat, corn, rice, and quinoa.

Food that accompanies the baby from complementary feeding and its subsequent growth


Made with 100% fresh and seasonal organic ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits

Ecological jars Jars

The different flavors help develop the palate and acceptance of different foods. They do not contain preservatives or artificial additives

Snacks Snacks

They are very easy to digest and provide a perfect complement to breastfeeding by offering an additional source of nutrients

Porridge Porridge

Smileat jars, 100% organic baby food

Why buy organic baby food?

More and more consumers are learning to eat responsibly, and there is an increasing availability of organic products in the market. We aim to promote better nutrition, free from toxins, and support a more sustainable form of agriculture.

The baby porridges, organic in this case, as you may know, result from mixing various cereals with water or milk; these cereals added to the water or milk are a powder blend of several cereals together. They should always be given ground when the baby first tries them, and as the little one grows, they can be given whole, such as oatmeal porridge, for example.

Cereals should always be chosen organic, to avoid toxins and chemicals, without added sugars or maltodextrin; always non-hydrolyzed cereals, which is the chemical breakdown of these, which increases sugars. 

We do not include any free sugar, preservatives or additives in our products; our porridges only contain 0.7% sugar from the cereals themselves. It is essential that babies do not consume sugar until they are 2 years old, as recommended by the WHO or ESPGHAN.

What are the benefits of organic baby food?

Organic baby food provides much more than you think; you have to take into accountthat a baby is much more sensitive than an adult and often non-organic food may contain harmful substances, pollution or pesticides, which do not comply with a natural diet.

Therefore, porridges containing organically grown cereals are guaranteed to contain natural ingredients, without toxins or chemicals, and are free of modifications and without artificial additives, so they respect the baby's organism and, in addition, have no altered taste.

From what age can my baby eat baby food?

From 4 to 6 months of age, you can start introducing cereals to the baby; you should start with gluten-free cereals to avoid intolerances. These cereals can be dissolved in milk or added to baby food. You can also start with fruits and vegetables, generally starting with apples, pears, bananas, oranges, pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes, etc., which can be introduced in the form of porridge.

It is important to introduce it gradually and without adding salt and sugar; in the case of red and tropical fruits, it is recommended that it be postponed until later.

What is the recommended daily amount for a 6-month-old baby?

To make the baby food, the product must be dissolved in milk or hot water (no cooking is required).

For the bottle: add 1 or 2 tablespoons to 180 mL of milk or hot water and shake until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. 

For the baby porridge: add 5 or 6 tablespoons of the product to 180 mL of follow-on milk or hot water, stir until you get a homogeneous mixture. The porridge should be given to the infant immediately after preparation, and leftovers from previous feedings should not be used. Make sure to seal the bag properly and store it in a cool, dry place. Once opened, consume within one month of the preferred date. A healthy and balanced diet, along with a healthy lifestyle, is recommended.

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