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TRIBOO Cereals with Cocoachild eating TRIBOO cereal with cocoa

Organic cereals, with 0% added sugar and no sweeteners with only 8 ingredients

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Organic cereals, with 0% added sugar and sweeteners with only 7 ingredients.

TRIBOO Cereal PackTRIBOO Cereal Pack
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Pack of 4 boxes that combine our classic cereals and cocoa cereals. 100% organic and no added sugar.

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TRIBOO Cereal Pack
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Food that accompanies the baby from complementary feeding and its subsequent growth


Made with 100% fresh and seasonal organic ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits

Ecological jars Jars

The different flavors help develop the palate and acceptance of different foods. They do not contain preservatives or artificial additives

Snacks Snacks

They are very easy to digest and provide a perfect complement to breastfeeding by offering an additional source of nutrients

Porridge Porridge

Smileat jars, 100% organic baby food

What are TRIBOO cereals?

Cereals "for children" should be cereals with no added sugars and made with quality ingredients.

At Smileat we have innovated in order to launch a new brand, TRIBOO, in which, apart from fruit snacks, there are also cereals. Cereals made with legume flour, among other ingredients, for a good supply of vegetable protein and, of course, without added sugars. All the sweetness is provided by ingredients such as chicory fiber, which also provides interesting amounts of dietary fiber.

From what age can my baby eat cereals?

The development of each child to manage solids is very different.

TRIBOO cereals: They have a ring shape of about 2 cm in diameter and a crunchy texture. You can give it to him in many ways: dry once he has learned to chew, with milk or crushed with yogurt and fruit. Delicious!

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